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  • Pray also for our 40,000 Field Workers who work alongside these Persecuted Christians and in most instances face the same challenges and persecution as those they are trying to help.


Write a note of encouragement to a Nigerian Christian

Nearly all Christians in northeastern Nigeria have lost family members in attacks by Boko Haram or Fulani Islamic militants. Entire church congregations have been displaced, and worshiping and serving Christ openly takes great courage and faith.


This month we invite you to send our persecuted Nigerian brothers and sisters in Christ a personal note of encouragement. Many Nigerians read English, so you can communicate directly with them.


In your note, you can include a Bible verse, a prayer that you have prayed on their behalf, or simply a message letting them know that they have not been forgotten by other Christians around the world. A children’s Sunday school class may want to write notes or draw pictures to encourage kids their age, and your small group or church can write to a widow or a pastor.


Thank you for choosing to share in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings with Nigerian Believers (Phil. 3:10).

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