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International Offices

The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) has offices around the world who trace their roots to Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand’s testimony and mission. These organizations continue the Wurmbrands’ mission of standing with persecuted Christians and urging other Christians to join in fellowship with the persecuted. We are indeed grateful to the Lord that the sun never sets on our services to His Persecuted Church.


Each mission is autonomous (not all use ‘The Voice of the Martyrs’ name), with its own independent leadership, staff and board of directors, but they cooperate through the International Christian Association (ICA)While each country’s mission has its own focus and management, through the ICA they share information and jointly fund international projects. Each office is funded through donations from within their own countries. There is no world headquarters or main office for The Voice of the Martyrs, as each organization is an independent, self-supported entity. 


If you are visiting this site from outside of Southern Africa and wish to make contact with your nearest VOM office, please refer to the following listing:

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