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BANGLADESH: Assailants Attack Christian Women

Believers in a particular community in Bangladesh are requesting prayer after assailants destroyed their homes and attacked the women in the community. A local contact wrote that the aggressors had struck just the night before. During previous attacks, the men from the village had fled, and the assailants left the women and children alone. This time, however, the attackers targeted the women, leaving many injured. The assailants then called Front-line workers in the region and threatened to kill them if they visited the community again. Afterward, the army arrested village leaders, but they could not identify the attackers. VOM contacts have moved the Believers into a temporary shelter, and the victims are living in a great deal of fear.

  • Pray that God will calm their hearts with his supernatural peace.

  • Pray that their attackers will be found and will receive justice.

Post your prayer in the comments.

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