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BANGLADESH: Teen Finds Hope, Future in Christ

For generations, Shebona and her family have lived on and worked land for tea plantations. They age without dreams or aspirations, expecting to lead the same life as their parents and grandparents. But one girl who worked with Shebona on the plantation was different, more joyful; Shebona learned that she was a Christian. This girl shared some literature with Shebona and connected her to two Front-Line Workers who led her to Christ. Shebona experienced some pressure when she told her family about her conversion, but over time the 15-year-old won her older siblings to Christ. Her parents are now also open to the Gospel. Shebona is looking forward to continuing her discipleship training so that she can greatly impact her nation.

  • Pray for Shebona as she continues to share the Gospel.

  • Pray for more of her family members, friends and fellow workers to come to know Christ.

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