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BANGLADESH: Woman Finds Freedom After Traumatic Attack

When Raissa was a teen, she was kidnapped and raped by a group of Muslim men who wanted to punish her father, a Christian pastor. For years, Raissa felt trapped in her home, unable to leave without being taunted, threatened and retraumatized by her attackers, who had faced no consequences. Raissa asked for help relocating to a larger city where she could be free of her attackers and pursue education and a career. Front-Line Workers helped her secure an apartment and begin her studies. They also connected her to a ministry that helps women who have been trafficked. She works part-time on their administrative staff while receiving therapy and support to aid her own healing. Raissa’s family is joyful that she is finally experiencing freedom. Through VOM, Raissa’s family was also able to drill a well and build a fence around their home.

  • Pray for Raissa to continue healing emotionally and serving God faithfully.

  • Pray for more people like Raissa to come to know Christ in Bangladesh.

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