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BENIN: President of Benin Seeks Voodoo Priest's Blessing

The West African nation of Benin is the birthplace of voodoo. Every year on 10 January, the country celebrates National Voodoo Day, which includes occultic ceremonies attended by political leaders seeking favour from voodoo shamans. “Voodoo is its name in Benin, but these types of demonic groups can be found throughout West Africa,” a Front-Line Worker said. These groups are sometimes called “secret societies” and have names like the Poro and Bundu in Sierra Leone and the Ogboni in Togo. Members of these groups regularly attack and persecute Christians whom they see as a threat to their dominance. During the 2024 National Voodoo Day event in Benin, the nation’s president sought and received a blessing from a voodoo priest. “Pray that Christians will be protected from these occultic groups and that people in them will come to know Christ and be set free,” the Front-Line Worker said.

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