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BENIN: Shaman Regularly Interrupts Church Services

Benin is the birthplace of voodoo, and witchcraft is deeply ingrained in local culture. Many Beninese view Christianity as a threat to their traditional beliefs. One Christian church has been targeted by a fetish priest intent on disrupting the church’s worship services. The church has been open since 2018, but recently a traditional shaman set up a temple next to the church. Every time the church meets, the fetish priest also holds a service. He yells and screams and casts spells, interrupting the church's activities. The local Christians do not have the funds to move to a different location, so church members request prayer that the witchdoctor’s activities will stop.

  • Pray for the church members to remain faithful despite this persecution.

  • Pray for the shaman to come to know Christ as his Saviour.

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