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BENIN: Young Christian Woman Flees Sorcerer Father

Aisosa’s father is a traditional tribal sorcerer in Benin. When he started performing ceremonies for a certain local god, his family members began to die. Eventually, all of Aisosa’s siblings and her mother died. Then Aisosa became sick, and her father wanted her to sacrifice a chicken to his god, but Aisosa did not want to worship her father’s god any longer. A Christian woman in her village reached out to the 23-year-old and invited her to church. The pastor prayed for her and taught her how to pray; shortly afterwards, she was healed of her sickness. Even though she became healthy, her father ordered her not to visit the church. When she snuck out to attend services anyway, he would beat her. He decided to marry her off to an older sorcerer like himself. She refused, and he threw her out of the home on November 12, 2023. Local Christians are currently providing her with a place to live.

  • Pray for Aisosa to remain strong in the Lord despite the immense difficulties she has faced.

  • Pray for her father to come to know the Lord as his Saviour.

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