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Colombia: Deny Yourself and Journey into Your Red Zone

Rolo has been distributing Bibles in Colombia’s red zones for years. While he is not the only one doing this essential work, he has unique access to some of the most dangerous areas because he was once a member of a guerrilla group. “Give me the Bibles and the gasoline to take them, and I’ll get them there,” Rolo says. Rolo’s work requires him to be a meticulous logistician, a faithful pastor and, when his vehicle breaks down in an isolated area, a creative mechanic.

In the violent red zones where Rolo serves, most of the villagers are involved in growing or processing coca for the drug trade. Living among the various armed groups for decades has caused people to become deeply suspicious of outsiders, but Rolo’s friendly manner has encouraged them to open up enough to accept a Bible from him.

When Rolo delivers a load of Bibles to a group of red- zone pastors, he serves as their connection to the global body of Christ. These dedicated men and women serve in difficult and dangerous places, receiving little outside encouragement. A gift of Bibles for their congregations strengthens their faith and assures them that they are not forgotten.

Distributing Bibles in Colombia is physically demanding, both because of the primitive or non-existent roads and because of the speed at which distributors must perform their work to avoid being noticed by one of the many armed groups. Communist guerrillas as well as right-wing paramilitary groups use the cover of the jungle for growing, processing and transporting their lucrative drug crops.

Pray for Rolo.

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