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Communism is not Dead

Communism is not dead. As economically empowered Communist nations strengthen and expand their global influence, their governments continue to actively persecute our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. And contrary to the ideals of Marx and Engels, Communist and Communist- influenced countries around the world are rife with corruption, greed and gross social injustice. Despite the efforts of Communist nations in Eastern Europe to suppress and eradicate the church by imprisoning and torturing pastors, destroying church buildings and banning Bibles, the church simply went underground and remained faithful to Christ. Some Christians, like Richard Wurmbrand, emerged stronger, calling out the evils of the atheistic Communist system while emphasizing the urgency to win Communists for Christ.

“We don’t tremble before Communism. They should be in panic because of us.”

And Christians in Communist and Communist-influenced countries live and act in that same spirit today. Christians are standing firm today in Cuba, where pastors submit to police interrogations only to resume their ministry when they are released and Believers sacrifice their careers and social standing for the sake of Christ. In Eritrea, Christians imprisoned in shipping containers continue to share the Gospel with fellow prisoners. And in North Korea, Christians quietly and carefully lead others to faith in Christ, knowing it could lead to imprisonment or death.

The faithful witness of our brothers and sisters in Christ causes panic and fear within Communist governments. These courageous Believers know their promise of an eternal kingdom far outweighs any suffering they may endure under the godless agenda of a temporal kingdom. While their witness inspires us to stand with them and reach out to our neighbours with the Gospel, may our knowledge of Communism’s atheistic roots and agenda keep us vigilant in prayer and action.

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