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DRC: Christians Poisoned, Threatened

Luuando Yombo’s husband was an elder in their church in the Ubwari Peninsula in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her mother and brother also served at the church in an area with a large Muslim population. In 2021, Muslim neighbours provided food for church members. After eating the food, the church members grew ill and believed the food had been intentionally poisoned. Luuando’s husband, brother, mother and two other members of the church died after eating the food. Then, the people who provided the food burned down Luuanda’s house, saying, “We are going to finish you in this village.” Luuando has left the area and fears returning. She is tormented by the memories of what happened but says she has forgiven the poisoners. She is now caring for 16 children, her own and her brother’s.

  • Pray for Luuando to heal from the trauma and to continue to rely on God for His strength.

  • Pray for the family to continue to serve God.

  • Pray for the persecutors to repent and turn to Christ.

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