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Egypt: The Lord Jesus Has Chosen You

A young man was beaten, held captive and later disinherited after becoming interested in Christianity. Ahmed was 16 when he found a scrap of paper on his bus seat that said, “The Lord Jesus has chosen you for Him.” This piqued his curiosity and set him on a journey of seeking Jesus. When his family found Christian books in his room, they beat him and brought in an imam to try to change his mind. Later, they decided to send him to Saudi Arabia, where his father owned a factory. There he was imprisoned in a small room for seven years before his family allowed him to return to Egypt and then married him to a cousin. In Egypt, Ahmed was able to access Christian media on the internet, and his faith grew. His family cut him off and removed his inheritance rights to his father’s business fortune. Last year, Ahmed started a small restaurant business to support himself, but when the neighbors found out he was a Christian, they burned it down.

Pray for Ahmed and his family to look to the Author and Perfecter of our faith as he suffers.

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