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INDIA: Christian Boy Murdered by Extremists

Sombura Madkami, a 14-year-old Christian boy from Kenduguda village, located in the Malkangiri district of India’s Odisha state, was brutally murdered by religious extremists. Christian leaders claim Sombura was murdered by religious extremists who had been harassing Christians in Kenduguda village for years.

“On the night of 4 June, a few villagers ganged up with a handful of religious fanatics, who were not part of the village, and attempted to kidnap Christians,” Pastor Kosha Mosaki told the media.

The extremists captured Sombura and two other Christians. However, the two other Christians were able to escape their captors before they were taken to the jungle.

In the jungle, the extremists brutally murdered Sombura. The extremists then buried Sombura’s body in an attempt to hide the crime.

However, the two other Christians who had escaped notified local police. Police immediately identified Deba Madkami, Budra Muchaki, Aaita Kabasi, Rabu Madi, and others as being involved in the abduction and murder of the Christian boy.

Police located the body of Sombura as a part of their initial investigation after arresting and interrogating the individuals that were identified.

Police from the Malkangiri district have filed a First Information Report against the individuals accused of murdering Sombura.

According to local Christians, religious extremists had been harassing their community for several years prior to the murder. Pastor Bijay Pusuru, from Bethel House Church located in Kenduguda, claims extremists had restricted church activities and issued death threats against Christian families who continued to attend church. Pastor Pusuru claims police and village leaders did little in response to these incidents.

Source: International Christian Concern

Ask the Lord to comfort the distressed, grieving and fearful in the community.

Pray the police will do all that’s necessary to ensure justice for Sombura and his family and to take measures to guard against further violence. Pray for the perpetrators.

Ask the Lord to strengthen the believers. Pray they will turn to one another in their grief to encourage each other and stand united in their faith.

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