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INDIA: Masked Gunmen Kill Pastor at Home in Front of Family

Around 7:40 p.m. on 17 March, as Pastor Yallam Shankar spent time with his family, five masked men came to his house, calling his name. As he exited his home, the men shot him in the chest and slit his throat. He died minutes later, and his wife and one of his sons witnessed his murder. He was killed as the Hindu festival Holika Dahan, which celebrates the triumph of good over evil, was being celebrated in the pastor’s village. Pastor Yallam is survived by his wife, two sons and his granddaughters.

  • Pray for the pastor’s family to be strengthened by God’s Word and His presence as they mourn their loss.

  • Pray that they are able to continue earning income from the small plot of land they have, which the pastor used to farm.

  • Pray for justice and for the pastor’s faithfulness to Christ to be made known throughout the village.

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