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INDIA: Pastor Arrested Under Anti-Conversion Law

Hindu radicals disrupted a worship service on 6 February 2022, accusing Pastor Ramesh Verma of breaking anti-conversion laws. Police arrested Ramesh and placed him in jail. For the first 15 days, Ramesh asked God why he allowed this to happen. But when his son brought him a Bible and other prisoners became interested in what it had to say, Ramesh’s perspective changed: he began to minister to his fellow prisoners and lead them to Christ. He and his younger son distributed 60 New Testaments in the prison. After three months in jail, Ramesh was released on bail, but the church has been forcibly closed and his evangelism efforts are restricted while the case is pending. The family has faced considerable hardship from the arrest and detention, including job loss and rejection by family members. Nevertheless, Ramesh continues to visit and encourage church members while he awaits a verdict.

  • Pray for Ramesh to stay strong in the Lord and continue to share the Gospel with those in the prison. Pray for many prisoners to become Believers.

  • Pray for Ramesh's family to trust in the Lord for the provision and protection.

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