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Iran: Boy Selling Socks Receives SD Card with Christian Literature

When a team of evangelists went to a marketplace in Qom to share the gospel, they met a young boy who was selling socks in the bazaar. As they were talking with the boy, they discovered that he had a cellphone, so they gave him a micro-SD card loaded with Christian materials. They asked him to put the micro-SD card into his phone to see if it would work. When the boy obliged, the Pilgrim's Progress animation opened and caught his attention. He began to ask questions about it, and one of the workers told him it was a gift for him. "Can I really have it for free?" the boy responded. They also gave him a copy of a Christian magazine along with the micro-SD card.

Pray that this boy will trust Christ through the Gospel messages in these Christian materials.

Pray that more people will come to Christ through these evangelists in Iran.

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