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Iran: Christian activist reportedly alive in Qarchak Prison.

Fatemeh (Mary) Mohammadi converted to Christianity in 2017 and started sharing her faith. She knew she could possibly face arrest, imprisonment or even death, but she continued to let her faith be known.

She was arrested soon afterwards and taken to Evin Prison for six months. Here, she was interrogated and forced to return to Islam, but Mary stood firm in her conviction. She was released in May of 2018, where she continued to run campaigns for religious freedom in Iran.

In December 2019, Mary was expelled with a university in Tehran.

On 12 January, Mary disappeared during a protest held in Azadi Square. Article18 reports that “she was taken to the Vozara detention centre in Tehran, where she was forced to sit in a yard, for hours, in extremely cold weather and opposite the toilets.

She was then interrogated by three officers, who gave her forms containing 30 questions. Mary refused to answer the questions in the absence of a lawyer.

Mary was not given any food until 24 hours after her arrest and her handcuffs were put on in a cross-shape, making them very uncomfortable.

Mary was also strip-searched twice by female officers, who told her that if she refused to remove her clothes, they would rip them from her.

The next day, she was taken to Evin Court, where she was charged. Her case was then transferred to the General and Criminal Court of Tehran.

Mary is now one of around 2,000 women prisoners in the overcrowded Qarchak Prison, which is considered the worst women’s prison in Iran.”

Mary has been charged with “disturbing public order by participating in an illegal rally.” She has been able to contact her family a few times and they are trying to organise her release.

Credit - Article 18 and The Cross in the Desert.

Pray for Mary in Qarchak Prison, that her faith would stay strong.

Pray for Mary’s family as they deal with this difficult situation.

Pray for the Iranian government that they would come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for religious freedom in Iran.

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