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Iraq: Teenage boy killed in protest

On February 25, a 15 year old Assyrian Christian boy was killed by Iraqi security officers. Rimon had been protesting in Tahrir Square and was supposedly targeted and killed with a hunting rifle. Other guns and teargas were also used to hurt 24 other protesters.

A Christian protestor told ICC, "I cannot imagine how sad Rimon's parents are. Every day we are losing lots of souls; someone needs to do something to stop this massacre."

Reports show that over 600 Iraqis have been killed since October 1 while protesting against the government corruption, high unemployment and many other important issues.

Credit: International Christian Concern

Pray for Rimons family, that God would give them the peace and comfort that they need during this difficult time.

Pray that these massacres would cease and that christians would not be targeted.

Pray for the government to wake up to the situation around them.

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