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Laos: A Living Understanding of the Scriptures

A pastor’s teaching on suffering was timely for a young woman attending a discipleship seminar. Sei Wang, 20, gave her life to Christ earlier this year, unbeknownst to her husband. One Sunday morning in June, he followed her to church and discovered her new faith. He berated her and hit her, but Sei Wang refused to leave because she deeply wanted to worship the Lord that day. A few weeks later, Sei Wang got up early to attend a Christian seminar. She was surprised when her husband handed her a bag with her clothes in it. He told her she could go to the seminar but could not return home. He also told her that if she continued to go to church, he would beat her. Sei Wang was not scared, however, and after the pastor leading the conference shared on suffering from 1 Peter 4:12-14, she stood up and gave her testimony. Pray for her husband to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

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