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LEBANON: Abusive Husband Trusts in Christ on Christmas Day

Yasmin, who grew up as a member of the Druze community, became a follower of Christ in 2020. When her family learned of her new faith, they immediately rejected her. Her husband, Amir, attacked her and attempted to stab her. But the couple eventually reconciled, and Amir allowed her to live in their home. Amir gradually became curious about Yasmin’s new faith and would stay up late at night to watch Christian TV channels after others had fallen asleep. In December 2023, he attended the Christmas celebrations at Yasmin’s church. After the sermon, Amir responded to the pastor’s invitation to place his trust in Christ. The church rejoiced in this answer to three years of intercessory prayer for the couple. Yasmin said she had already noticed “a difference in her husband at home and is convinced he is a new Believer.”

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