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LEBANON: Two Boys Experience Victory in Christ

Two boys who participated in a VOM-supported sports and Bible study program in Lebanon have recently experienced emotional healing through the ministry. One of the boys came from a background of domestic violence and struggled with aggression; the other boy battled feelings of neglect and rejection because of his home life. Through the Bible study program, both boys have overcome these negative feelings. They have also found a place of belonging and acceptance through the ministry at a football academy program, where their team recently participated in a tournament and won first place. "It took time for us to pray for them, spend time with them, and now they don't feel lonely anymore, but as if adopted to a family," a Front-line Worker shared.

  • Pray for God to continue to work in the hearts of these boys so they grow closer to Him.

  • Pray for Front-line Workers who continuously help people come to Christ.

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