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MIDDLE EAST: Refugee Remains Faithful Amid Hardships

Abdallah, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, holds fast to his Christian faith despite suffering unemployment, homelessness and persecution from Muslim family members.

Although his father was a committed teacher of Islam, Abdallah was attracted to Christianity at an early age. He said he resisted his first visit to a mosque, which left him with a feeling of “fire coming from my face … as if evils were in front of me.”

Abdallah purchased his first Bible after his father died, but his mother did not approve. “When my 90-year-old mother saw the Bible, she fainted,” he said. His brothers threw the Bible away and forced him to take a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Then, when war broke out in Syria in 2011, the family moved to Lebanon, where Abdallah bought another Bible.

He has had difficulty finding work, however, because of his Christian faith. “Even though I have many problems, I decided to get baptised one year ago,” Abdallah said. “I have really faced many hard situations and I became homeless, but I will never leave my faith.”

Source: VOM Australia, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Thank God for the way He has worked in Abdallah’s life. Pray the Lord will provide all his needs and continue to strengthen him spiritually.

Pray the Lord will use Abdallah’s testimony as a powerful witness for the Gospel in his local area and beyond. Pray for his protection.

Commit to the Lord Abdallah’s family members and pray for their salvation.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

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