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MOROCCO: Hope after the Earthquake

On 8 September 2023, a massive 6.8 earthquake rattled parts of Morocco, killing nearly 3,000 and affecting roughly 300,000. One Christian family lives near the epicentre of the quake and shared their experience. They were awoken around 11 p.m. and rushed outside as buildings around them shook and collapsed. “It was a dramatic experience,” said the Front-line Worker. “We were on the street all night long as the village we had lived in for 20 years was destroyed.” The worker reported that 1,000 people died in that village alone. Even through their heartache, Moroccan Christians intend to be a beacon of hope, and they ask the global body of Christ to pray for their witness amid this tragedy. One Moroccan church leader told VOM that the Lord put Isaiah 61 on his heart, and he hopes the local church will “comfort those who mourn” and serve as God’s conduits to bestow “oil of joy instead of mourning.”

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