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NEPAL: Villagers Refuse Burial to Christian

In July, Pastor Krishna Pariyar’s mother, who was also a Believer, passed away in their home village. Because there is no local place for Christians to bury their dead, Pastor Krishna chose to bury his mother on his own land. However, Pastor Krishna’s Hindu neighbours opposed this and insisted that the body be cremated according to Hindu ritual. While Pastor Krishna was able to persuade the local government chairman to accommodate them and assign land for Christian burials near the village, Hindu villagers resisted and ultimately pressured Pastor Krishna’s brother, who is not a Christian, to dig up the body and submit to the Hindu rituals, which was a great discouragement to Pastor Krishna.

  • Pray for Pastor Krishna to not become discouraged.

  • Pray for the village to come to Christ.

  • Pray for Pastor Krishna's brother to become a Believer.

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