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Nigeria: Pandemic Hasn't Stopped Attacks or Aid

The global pandemic has not stopped Muslim militants from continuing their attacks on Christian villages in northern Nigeria. VOM workers have documented attacks on 15 cities in Plateau and Kaduna states since Jan. 8, 2020. At least 86 people have been killed, 13 kidnapped and 24 injured in the attacks, and more than 400 families have had to relocate. In the most recent attack, on May 5, eight militants shot a pastor, his wife and their two children at their home; thankfully, all survived. Despite pandemic lockdown measures, VOM workers have been able to distribute food aid on the three days per week when travel is permitted, and safety measures are in place to protect those receiving the aid. “We continue our commitment to serve the persecuted in the midst of the pandemic,” VOM’s regional director for Africa said.

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