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Nigeria: Pastor Released After Seven Months in Captivity

On Oct. 19, 2020, Reverend Polycarp Zongo was kidnapped by members of the terrorist group Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) while traveling from his home in Jos to Gombe for a conference. Within weeks of his abduction, his kidnappers released a video of him, demanding a high ransom for his release. After months of negotiations, however, the terrorist group released the pastor in June, and he is now home with his family after seven months in captivity. Despite the hardships he faced, Reverend Polycarp's faith is strong, and he has spoken in his church since his release. "He still carries the message of hope and doesn't seem to have been deterred from the faith," a VOM worker shared. "Please pray for God's healing, both mind and body, for him as he recuperates from this ordeal."

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