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SRI LANKA: Buddhist Monks Threaten to Kill Front-Line Worker

After a woman named Malaramma led a Hindu priest and his family to faith in Jesus Christ, the former priest urged her to raise funds to build a new worship hall next to his home. When a local Buddhist leader learned of the project, he quickly opposed it. One Sunday, as Malaramma led a worship service at the Christian man’s home with other new Believers, several Buddhist monks arrived. They stole everyone’s Bibles, chased the worshipers away and threatened to kill Malaramma if she didn’t leave that night. She and other Believers prayed through the night for God to protect them. The next day, local authorities learned of the threats and assured Malaramma that she would be protected.

  • Pray that these Believers remain safe.

  • Pray that their persecutors find faith in Christ.

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