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SRI LANKA: Church Continues to Bless Persecutors

In 2000, Ayesha Lambious started sharing the Gospel in an unreached area of Sri Lanka. Soon 25 to 30 people gathered regularly with her, so she and her husband, Anura, planted two churches in majority Hindu areas. Persecution has been constant in their lives. Villagers threw stones at their house during the night, some of which would crash onto beds or tables. Ayesha and her family had to sleep under their beds, and her children slept with helmets on. During the pandemic, however, and later when the area experienced severe flooding, Ayesha continued to serve the community in Jesus’ name by opening the church as shelter for displaced people, some of whom had thrown stones at her house. The churches Ayesha and Anura lead remain under attack, but they faithfully continue to meet.

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