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SRI LANKA: Family Refused Christian Burial

After a member of the Grama Missionary Church in Sri Lanka passed away, the family arranged for a funeral to be held at the public cemetery on 27 September.

However, a local public official, along with other members of the community, intervened and refused to allow the family to hold a Christian funeral.

Claiming that the public cemetery was a ‘Hindu’ burial ground, they argued that no Christian rites could be performed. Instead, the community members, led by the official, conducted the funeral according to Hindu customs.

As the two daughters of the deceased woman were intimidated into compliance, they didn’t file a police complaint.

This is a recurring issue facing Christians in the area. While local followers of Jesus have tried intervening in such matters, and they reported this incident to the police and civic authorities, no action has been taken against the opposing community members.

  • Pray that these Believers will experience the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit in this time of loss and disappointment.

  • Pray the public official and other opposing Sri Lankans in the area, realise their need to coexist peacefully with all villagers, regardless of differing religious affiliations.

  • Pray for the church throughout Sri Lanka, may they, with God’s help have the strength to overcome opposition from authorities and members of the community.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs AU, National Christian Evangelical Association of Sri Lanka

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