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THE POLICE CAPTAIN’S CAP: A Bible Smuggling Story By Merv Knight

An aging man boarded a bus in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a long journey ahead of him — possibly a 12-hour ride. In his hands, he clutched a box of about 30 Bibles that he was taking to tribal Christians in the highlands. As he looked for a seat on the crowded bus, he pondered how he would get through the many checkpoints along the way without his precious goods being discovered.

After finding an empty seat along the aisle, he sat down and placed the box of Bibles on the floor against his leg. A police captain who had followed him onto the bus then took the seat across the aisle from him, casually removed his hat and placed it on the man’s box.

As the bus coughed and sputtered its way down the road, the man occasionally glanced down at his precious cargo, wondering if he would succeed in delivering it to his destination.

All too soon, they reached a checkpoint. Police officers boarded the bus to check a few ID cards, but they were especially focused on any boxes the passengers had with them.

The man’s heart skipped a beat as the officers advanced down the aisle. Soon, they were standing by his box of Bibles, and he expected the worst. But when they looked at the box andsaw the police captain’s cap resting on it, they continued down the aisle to the next passenger.

Eventually, the man reached his destination and safely delivered God’s Word to awaiting Believers in the highlands.

Miracles occur in different and sometimes simple ways. God’s hand was at work protecting His precious Word. When we think about it, miracles happen often. In the rush and bustle of life, let us not fail to recognise God’s hand, lest we miss the blessing.

This story comes from this months newsletter.

Download it for free here.

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