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Three Men, Three Years, Thirty-Three Churches

Excerpt from our April newsletter:

'A former Muslim and two family members are determined to make sure every member of the Tuareg tribe in their region hears about Jesus — even if it costs them everything.

Since 2018, when the three men began sharing the Gospel, they have seen from 100 to 1,000 people come to faith in Christ each time they preach. In addition, Brahim has started 19 churches and Usaden has started six.

Usaden has been surprised by the rapid spread and acceptance of the Gospel among the Tuareg. “People are coming to Jesus,” he said, “and that gives me courage, a lot of courage.”

The reason so many are coming to Christ at once, a Front-Line Worker explained, is that the tribe has the characteristics of a close family. “The family connection is very strong,” he said. “When they see the leader doing something, they often don’t question it.”

In addition to sharing the Gospel with Tuaregs, the men have preached to smaller groups of nomadic Fulani and Arabs who pass through their region.

Wararni and his wife, who is Fulani, have started eight churches and led hundreds of both Fulani and Tuaregs to Christ. And with each one of them, Wararni said, “There is no doubt of them accepting Jesus.”

Brahim said that while Arabs tend to be less open to the Gospel, seven who came to know Christ are now making disciples among their own people. “Most of that work is in Algeria,” Brahim said. “We want to finish the task in Niger before we enter another country, but the Arabs of Niger should be the ones to go there.”'

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