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UGANDA: New Christians Receive Vocational Training

In Uganda, thousands of Christian converts from Islam have been shunned by their communities and are unable to work in their former jobs. Front-Line Workers are providing job training to support these new Christians.

More than 200 Believers graduated recently from vocational training programmes in sewing, cooking, barbering and metalworking. Upon completion of the training, each graduate was given a diploma and the equipment needed to start his or her own business. Supplies donated for the various programmes included sewing machines, pots and kettles, barbering supplies and welding tools.

Describing the pressures he has faced as a new follower of Christ, one graduate said, “Since I converted to Christianity, Muslims have been mocking me and belittling me for forsaking family and its benefits.”

After receiving his graduation certificate for training in welding and metal fabrication, he said, “Today, I have just achieved a great step in my life. I will make every effort to live a better life with this skill and bring joy to my God. I pledge to train at least three other former Muslims. Thank you so much for equipping us.”

Another graduate, from the tailoring programme, said, “Life was hard, and the church cannot meet all our needs because there are a lot of demands from many people. With this skill, you have invested greatly in all of us. May the Lord bless you and help us to be a blessing to others.”

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