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Uganda: Three Children Kicked Out by Grandmother

Three children in Uganda have been living on their own since their grandmother forced them out of her home for becoming Christians. Penny, Elijah and Charity’s parents are Muslim, and when it was time for Penny, the oldest, to attend school, her parents couldn’t afford it. A teacher in her grandmother’s town agreed to teach the children, so they moved in with their grandmother. Soon after their schooling started, their grandmother noticed the children talking about Jesus and sneaking away on Sunday mornings to attend Sunday school. The grandmother forced the three children, ages 6, 10 and 12, out of her house and left them on their own. Penny cared for the other two as best as she could with help from her teacher. Earlier this year, their teacher asked for help from a VOM-supported front-line worker, who has agreed to care for them. Thank God for their great faith and pray they will remain strong in the Lord.

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