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YEMEN: Church Attacked, Bibles and Equipment Stolen

Pastor Ebrahim leads an unofficial church in Yemen. One day, while the church gathered for worship and prayer, a dozen armed men burst into the church and aimed their weapons at Ebrahim and the congregation. The leader of the armed men pointed a gun at Ebrahim's head, threatening to kill him. Ebrahim prayed and encouraged his congregation: “Be at peace; in a few moments we will be with Jesus,” he said. As peace filled the room, one of the armed men called off the attack, and as the group left, they took all of the church’s equipment and Bibles. “Ebrahim is happy that, somewhere in Yemen, stacks of Bibles are laying for someone to pick up and learn about Jesus,” a Front-Line Worker said.

  • Pray for Ebrahim and his congregation to remain firm in faith amid hostile opposition.

  • Pray that the stolen Bibles may advance the Gospel to those who do not yet know Christ.

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