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Each “Sunday School in a box” is designed to reach an average of seven children and will be distributed through the ministries’ joint underground house- church network in China. The materials are specially designed to allow parents of all educational levels to teach the full scope of the Christian faith to their own children and relatives.

“The number one challenge facing the church in China is not cross demolition or church raids, It is the full-scale effort on the part of the Chinese Communist Party to prevent the children of Christians from becoming Believers themselves,” said Voice of the Martyrs Korea representative, Hyun Sook Foley. “


South African Christians can reach Children in


$60 USD

So how do we get involved? It's very easy. Give what you can towards the project and we will try raise enough funds to purchase as many boxes as possible. The goal for VOM Korea is 5000 boxes. Go to our DONATE page for banking details.

All funds given must have the reference CC2019 along with your name unless you want to remain anonymous.

Christmas Care 2019

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