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Watch the IDOP 2023 video here:

Light up 

The Voice of the Martyrs’ 2023 IDOP short feature film, Sejun: Nepal, tells the story of a Nepali boy’s journey from life in a Buddhist monastery as a preschooler to finding new hope in Christ.

Over his nine-year stay in the monastery, Sejun experienced the darkness of Buddhism at the hands of those who supervised him. When he ran away from the monastery at age 13, his family did not welcome his return. His father enrolled him in first grade since his only schooling had been studying Buddhist scriptures, and Sejun was ashamed about being so much older than his classmates. In primary school, however, Sejun met a godly teacher who shared the light of Christ with him.

You and your family, group, class or church can experience meaningful worship by watching this short video and then praying for our Christian brothers and sisters who are willing to pay any price to see Buddhists set free by the power of the gospel.

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