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A Prayer for Colombia

Heavenly Father, we stand beside our brothers and sisters who are serving in the most dangerous parts of Colombia. Thank You for their commitment to You and for their faithfulness to advancing Your kingdom. Give them rest as they live and work in stressful and potentially violent situations. Keep their marriages and families strong under this tension.

Keep them and their families from evil, and protect their children from being kidnapped or forcibly recruited by armed militants. We pray that their faith will grow daily as they are nourished by Your Word. May they remain faithful despite threats, pressure and difficulties.

Give their shepherds wisdom as they lead. Renew their souls through Your Spirit. Channel their fear into wise action for the sake of the Gospel. May they see You meet their daily needs.

Lord, You have the power to change hearts. We pray that You will move in the hearts of all the members of the rebel and paramilitary groups and turn them to You. Cause them to seek spiritual fulfillment as they see that the communist cause and lust for money and power do not satisfy.

We lift up the country of Colombia and its people to You, Lord. We pray for its leaders as they make decisions that will affect the country now and in the future. Give them wisdom in dealing with the various rebel and paramilitary groups.

May they act with integrity and with the country’s best interests at heart.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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