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Afghanistan: Meeting Practical Needs with God's Love

With ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan, front-line workers and others face challenges in getting aid into the country. One of the biggest obstacles is that most banks are closed, blocking necessary funds for relief supplies, food and other materials. “We pray in God’s mercy that the Taliban would allow the country to open back up,” a front-line worker said. “We have connections where VOM is able to get practical assistance to our front-line workers … we have contacts on the ground who are getting practical assistance into the country to assist our brothers and sisters.” Believers in the country are using opportunities to serve through such “practical assistance,” displaying the love and humility of Christ and building relationships. “It is a powerful witness, and coupled with praying with and for them and sharing the Word of God with them, God is pursuing the Afghan people, and they are coming to Christ,” said the worker.

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