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BANGLADESH: Rohingya Christians Attacked

A pastor and his daughter were among those abducted during a large-scale attack targeting Rohingya Christians in a refugee camp. According to local partners, kidnappers forced the girl to marry an older Muslim man. Several other families reported kidnappings as well.

The attack, which occurred in the Kutapalong, the world’s largest refugee camp, left 12 Christians wounded. The Christians were refugees from Myanmar who came to Bangladesh in 2007.

These families were actively involved in ministry within the camp and have faced significant opposition due to their Christian faith and testimony.

A similar attack happened in May 2019 by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army who claim to be fighting for the liberation of the Rohingya. Local police insist that the ARSA is not involved and have downplayed the number of injured.

Since the attack, as many as 170 Christians have been moved to a segregated ‘transit camp’ for their protection. Some of the kidnapped believers are still missing. There are reports stating that one man has been promised release if he converts to Islam. The son of another kidnapped man has asked fellow Christians to please pray that the victims remain brave.

Sources: VOM Australia, VOM Canada, Mission Network News

Ask the Lord to provide safety for all concerned, while granting them courage in the face of violent opposition.

Remember each of the abducted victims, including the girl has been forced into marriage. May they be rescued from captivity and any further victimisation.

Ask God to soften the hearts of the perpetrators, so they will come to sincere repentance and salvation in Christ.

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