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Benin: Former Satan Worshipper Now Follows Christ

Jean’s family were devil worshippers who participated in traditional ceremonies, worshiping Satan and cursing people, when an evangelist came to his house in 2011 to share the Gospel. As the evangelist preached about the peace of God in Jesus, Jean placed his trust in Christ. After he became a Christian, his father tried to stab him with a knife and then tried to shoot him with a bow and arrow. Jean fled to his uncle’s house, where he remained for two years until his uncle told him to leave. Jean is married and has a daughter, and they are currently staying with a Christian friend while Jean does farm work to survive.

Pray that Jean will be able to provide for his family.

Pray also that he would be able to lead his family to faith in Christ as well.

Pray for Jean's father, uncle and rest of his family, for them for come to Christ.

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