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Buddhist Monks Lead Assault on Christian Pastor

On Sunday, Feb. 2, a group of Buddhist monks led a mob of 150 people to a house church in north central Sri Lanka.

The mob demanded an end to the worship service and threated violence if it continued, but police allowed the Christians to continue the service. When the pastor went outside to speak with the monks and police after the service, the monks attempted to assault the pastor. They told him the village was a Buddhist village and Christian religious activities would not be tolerated. Although police protected the pastor from the mob, the officer in charge reprimanded him when he filed a police report.

Later that afternoon, a group including three monks accosted the pastor, his family and eight others. They assaulted the pastor’s son and damaged the Christians’ vehicles. Three Christians were treated at a hospital afterward, and police arrested five people involved in the assault. The monks were not arrested.

Pray for the Pastor and his family. Pray for their continued faithfulness.

Pray for justice to happen in Sri Lanka and for there to be fairness.

Pray that the monks would realise the need for repentance and belief in Jesus Christ.

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