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CAMEROON: Field Workers Ambushed by Armed Rebels

On 17 February, a team of HVK (Aid to the Oppressed Church) field workers were ambushed by 20 armed rebels.

The team were driving on their way to the crisis areas in the north and southwest of Cameroon when they were shot at from different sides. One of the HVK field workers called out to the rebels that he was a pastor, in the hope that the shooting would stop.

It did not.

The shooting continued for 25 minutes, until an army convoy came to rescue the field workers. Miraculously, the entire team made it out of the car alive. “Not a single bullet entered our car,” one of the field workers reported, “but the engine and body are completely broken.” The team continued to travel after the incident to support persecuted Christians in crisis areas of Cameroon.

“We are certainly not discouraged from doing this work,” they told partners at VOM.“On the contrary, we are greatly encouraged by God’s presence.”

  • Praise God for His miraculous protection over this team of field workers.

  • Pray for continued safety and provision for our partners in Cameroon and the work they do.

  • Pray that the testimony of these field workers would encourage other believers in their faith.

Source: VOM Belgium, VOM Australia

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