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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Believers Caught Between Fighting Rebels

For many years, the people of the Central African Republic have endured civil war as rebel groups fought against the ruling government.

To further complicate the situation, two major factions in the conflict are the predominantly Muslim Séléka group, and a primarily Christian group known as the anti-balaka militias.

Both of these rival groups are strongly influenced by animism and ongoing tribal conflicts, but the troubles include tensions between Islam and Christianity.

While rival factions battle for control of the country, the present state of the government is, in many ways, dysfunctional. Human rights observers categorise the conflict taking place between the animistic Christians and Muslim groups as “religious persecution”.

However, Todd Nettleton from The Voice of the Martyrs USA provides beneficial insight that more accurately identifies the nation’s true victims of persecution: “Caught in-between those two [faction] groups are our Christian brothers and sisters – the ‘Biblical’ disciples,” he explains. “They are persecuted, their homes are destroyed, and thousands of them have been displaced."

  • Pray that Christian leaders in this nation will have wisdom and discernment as they serve their communities.

  • Pray that the church remains united despite the ongoing conflict and that nominal Believers who desire to be true followers of Jesus will find truth and clarity in the Bible.

  • Pray that displaced Christians will have the grace to forgive their persecutors.

Sources: Mission Network News, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, The Voice of the Martyrs Australia

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