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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Blind Widower Attacked by Islamists

Francios Tawoura, a blind 58-year-old widower, said that when Islamists attacked his village, his inability to see prevented him from fleeing with his neighbours. The militants eventually found him and beat him, breaking two ribs. “I can't forget this terrible moment for me,” Francios said. “But the Word of God asks us to forgive our enemies, even if they have wronged us.” In recent years, as many as 70 000 Christians have fled violence in the southeastern part of the Central African Republic.

  • Thank God for Francois and others like Him who are such faithful witnesses for Christ in their actions and attitudes. Pray for them to feel God's love and comfort.

  • Pray for the 70 000 Christians who have fled to stay safe and to continue preaching the Gospel.

  • Pray for the Islamist attackers to come to know Christ as their personal Saviour.

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