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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Front-Line Workers Serve Christians in IDP Camp

Christians have suffered greatly from the ongoing civil war in the Central African Republic, where thousands have been forced from their homes. “These people are often the poorest of the poor,” said a Front-Line Worker. “Entire villages have been destroyed, and people have had to flee with nothing. Some were digging up roots to have something to eat in order to survive.” The worker added that getting life-saving supplies, including tarps, emergency food, clothing and basic items such as cooking pots and water cans, to the internally displaced people (IDP) is challenging: “Our greatest challenge is the transport of the relief supplies, including the fuel needed for the plane to shuttle the supplies. The trucks need a certain kind of 6-wheel drive vehicle, and very few have been available or willing to undertake the task due to the terrible and risky road conditions.”

  • Pray for the camp to get the resources they need to help the IDP, including fuel and vehicles.

  • Pray for strength and stamina for the Front-Line Workers and Christians who are serving these people.

  • Pray for the IDP to come to know Christ and depend on Him for His will.

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