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CHAD: Learning to Let Go of Vengeance

Church deacon Akua Kwame was attending a morning prayer meeting in May 2023 when radical Fulani tribesmen attacked his village. When the militants shot bullets and arrows through church windows and tried to break into the building, the pastor yelled for everyone to get out. As they fled, the pastor and the church administrator were shot and killed. Akua said several arrows pierced his clothes, but none hit him. Later that day, he was tasked with the painful job of identifying the bodies of 12 people killed in the attack, including a two-year-old child. “I asked myself, ‘Why are we suffering if God loves us?’” Akua recalled after the attack. “What I have learned through this is to let go of the vengeance that I feel in my heart.” Akua has since received healing care provided by the global body of Christ.

He asked for prayer for:

  • Comfort

  • That God will provide their church with a new pastor

  • His village to recover

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