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Nigeria: Chibok Girl Escapes Boko Haram after Seven Years

Halima Ali Maiyanga was one of many Chibok girls taken by the Boko Haram in 2014 and was able to escape last week. She was one of hundreds who were able to escape and phoned her family. Her brother says, "Halima was in tears. She told us she was with the military and needed some clothes because she had nothing. We never thought we’d see her again.”

The ICC reports, "This is the first Chibok girl to be freed in more than a year. Halima’s freedom means that there may still be hope for the other girls who are still in captivity. This means hope for families who thought that they would never see their children again."

Pray for the many girls who are still missing and for their families.

Pray for the salvation of Boko Haram.

Praise the Lord for his rescue of Halima.

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