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CHINA: Early Rain Covenant Church Family Detained at Home

On the morning of 1 November, Dai Zhichao and his wife of Early Rain Covenant Church prepared to take their two children on a flight to Sanya, Hainan Province. However, government authorities prevented them from taking their trip, detaining them in their own home.

As the practising preacher of the Early Rain Covenant Church and the leader of the Tashui small group, Dai Zhichao has been persecuted continually during the past year.

Officials summoned, detained, and beat him several times in an attempt to stop him from participating in church ministry. State security monitored and locked his home, even cutting off his electricity supply. After all of the harassment, Dai Zhichao and his wife decided to take their two children on a trip to take a break.

As the family tried to leave, three unidentified people wearing masks, blocked Dai’s front door. Police had rented the apartment next door to monitor the family closely. Dai Zhichao called the police, hoping they would settle the issue. Instead, officials told the family to stay in their home.

Three congregation members, Shen Bing, Shu Qiong, and Xuan Bin, brought lunch to the family. They successfully entered Dai Zhichao’s home but later the property management asked to register their ID cards. Afterwards, Shu Qiong learned her power had been shut off. She returned to her home and found ten officials inside. They arrested her, due to her involvement with Early Rain Church. Sources reported that Xuan Bin and Shen Bing were also arrested shortly afterwards.

  • Ask the Lord to minister to the family and friends of Dai and other church members who are suffering ongoing oppression. May they encourage one another to earnestly pray for their persecutors.

  • Pray they will not grow weary or lose heart. Ask the Lord to strengthen their faith.

  • Pray the Lord will use the remarkable faithfulness of the Early Rain Covenant Church members to serve as a powerful witness to those in authority.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs AU, China Aid.

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