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COTE D'IVOIRE: Audio Bibles Help Disciple New Converts

Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has a population of nearly 30 million people. Muslims are its largest religious group, representing around 40% of the population. Around 37% of the population identifies as Christian. The remaining 33% of the country are mostly followers of local ethnic religions, found mainly in the north of the country. While the Christian population is significant, Bibles are hard to access or afford for many people, and roughly 30% of the population is illiterate. Front-Line Workers recently delivered 500 solar-powered audio Bibles to northern parts of the country. One pastor travelled 12 hours to receive 45 Bibles in the local “We” language. “This will be a great help to new Believers,” added the Front-Line Worker, who said many of the new followers of Christ are former Muslims. The pastor who travelled that long distance also received a solar-powered projector to show the JESUS film in his area.

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