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DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Healing Through Trauma Ministry

In 2019, Rebecca, her husband and their three children were kidnapped by rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She managed to escape with her youngest child, but her husband and older children haven’t been seen since. Upon returning to her home village, her in-laws blamed her for the kidnappings and kicked her off her land, leaving her destitute. Because of the severe psychological pressures she endured, Rebecca developed traumatic mutism. A Christian trauma ministry has worked with Rebecca for the last two years, and she has now regained her ability to speak and is active in leading prayer ministry in her local church. More than 100 armed groups operating in the DRC target Christians like Rebecca.

  • Praise God that Rebecca has regained her ability to talk and pray that He will help her to remain strong and active in her ministries.

  • Pray for the obstruction of the targeting of Christians in DRC.

  • Pray that Rebecca's husband and children will be found and reunited with her.

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